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- С апреля по октябрь 2012 года на Соборной площади Кремля демонстрируется церемониал конного и пешего развода президентского полка.


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Tours of the Kremlin Grounds

Tours of the Kremlin Grounds will take you to the ancient sidestreets and squares and introduce you to the monuments of Old Russian architecture. We will tell you about some of these tours. The Kremlin is not only the symbol of Moscow and the whole Russia, it is also a city with it’s own history and an aura of mystery. The Kremlin Grounds tours will tell you not only about the history of our Motherland’s capital, but also about the history of the whole Russian state from ancient times till today.

A rare tour is conducted without visiting the Armory museum, a unique treasure museum of universal importance. Relics of the times of Ivan Kalita’s short reign, gifts from the foreign rulers of West and East, church hierarchs and merchants from around the world are collected here. Some time ago the Kremlin Grounds had their own workshops. Now articles created there including tsar regalia, carriages, clothes, cult items, dishes, and weapons are collected in the Armory Museum. The building of it was constructed in 1851 to make tours exploring the exhibition possible.

The Kremlin is a heart of church paintings. For example, the Uspenski Cathedral stores samples of unique wall frescoes created by the best masters of that time. Most important events of Russian state like crowning, coronations, wedding ceremonies of royal people and declarations of Russian church rulers were hold there. During the tour you will see a magnificent five-level iconostasis and the throne of Monomakh, a work of art made by Russian carvers.

The Arkhangelski Cathedral is another place you should definitely visit when taking a tour of the Kremlin Grounds. One if it’s sights is a burial-vault of Russian rulers who were buried here since 14 century. Monumental paintings of 17 century consisting of pictures of rulers buried in the Cathedral, an iconostasis with a carved crucifix, the icon of the Angel Michael related to the heroic epoch of Kulikovskaya battle are the main decorations of the Arkhangelski Cathedral.

In total, the Kremlin Grounds are very rich of various churches and cathedrals. The Annihilation cathedral built in the end of 15 century was used by Russian dukes and then tsars as a house church. During the tour of the Kremlin Grounds you will also see the iconostasis of unique icons painted supposedly by Feofan Greek and Andrei Rublev. The cathedral’s floor made of jasper attracts attention of visitors. It was supposedly created in the middle of 16 century.

Be sure to visit the Deposition of the Robe Cathedral during your Kremlin Grounds tour. Russian metropolitans used this small building as a house church. Besides huge collections of icons, wall paintings and pictures of dukes and prelate, an exhibition of wooden carving of 15-17 centuries is presented here.

Tours of the Museum of Russian applied art and everyday life of 17 century in the Patriarch's Palace will help you to form a clear picture of Russian life in 17 century. Works of art created by masters of Russia and other countries around the world: jewelry, precious dishes, samples of golden suing and rare furniture are collected here. Besides visiting sights you can also have sightseeing and thematic tours of the Kremlin Grounds and visit exhibitions presented there attracting anyone interested in culture and history of Russia.


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